For over 20 years, Designed Entries has been designing architecturally flavoured hardscapes and building them with a commitment to the highest standards of quality and detail.


The goal actually is simple… to create an aesthetically welcoming and spatially pleasing experience for everyone looking at, arriving at, or entering your home. Including you!

Though the goal is simple, the task is very often complex.  The front entrance is an extension of your home, and it presents the first impression of how you welcome people to where you live. Getting that right is more art than it is engineering. The entry scope and detail must accentuate your home’s scale and architecture. It must also be designed with proportions which are suitable to the elevation of the property and which allow an easy, graceful flow of guests from a vehicle to your front door.

We believe that a designed entry will truly enhance the presence of your home.

Our methodology: traditional architecture, modern engineering principals and master craftsmanship. The ultimate challenge for us is to reflect the pride you feel for the place you have chosen as your home.

Custom Detail

At Designed Entries, we pride ourselves on providing clients with superior craftsmanship. Achieving that goal requires patience, and a focus on detail to compliment and accent the uniqueness of your home… The smallest finishing touches are recognized as often the most important.

“The details are not the details, they make the design.”
– Charles Eames

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